Bioinformatics Data Analysis (human)

The Bioinformatics Data Analysis requires a broad skill set in working with data. This implies doing data management tasks, data processing, and data interpretation. We offer these types of analysis:

DNA Sequencing Analysis (DNA-Seq)

Usually, DNA-Seq analysis comes in the form of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) or Whole Exome Sequencing (WES). Of course, there can be also gene panels. We provide a comprehensive analysis starting with raw data to QC, alignment, variant calling, variant annotation, and if suitable CNVs.

RNA Sequencing Analysis (RNA-Seq)

The differential expression analysis includes QC, alignment, generation of tables of differentially expressed genes for two-factor experiment.

Other types of analysis

Analyzing biological data, in some cases, involves the use of different tools and methods. We are constantly adding and updating the protocols in our portfolio.
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Software Development

We have over a decade of experience in developing web applications and mobile solutions for our clients. Nowadays we focus more on the medical side of things, mainly developing custom services for clinical and research institutions.

The solutions provided range from simple web pages to more complex web applications with data processing and analysis capabilities. We also developed pipelines and applications for molecular biology laboratories that provided results by doing the entire analysis.

Partners & Clients that used this service

Consulting & Maintainance

We offer consulting services for bioinformatics analysis starting from experimental design to publication. Also, we provide maintenance and support for the developed applications.

Partners & Clients that used this service


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